Driving Question: How can we stage an interview for a character in our book?

Step 1: As you read your book club book, pay careful attention to what’s going on in the lives of the characters in the story. Make notes in your book club journal as your read.

Step 2: As a team, start keeping track of which characters are most important to the story. Start writing questions you might want to ask each character about what’s going on in the book. For example, you might want to ask Harry how he felt on his first day at Hogwarts to see how he was feeling during this point in the story. As a team, you’ll eventually have to figure out what the answers to the questions should be as well.

Step 3: Once you’ve finished the book, decide which character you’ll interview and finalize the questions and answers for the video.

Step 4: Decide how you’ll set up the interview. How will someone dress up as the character from the book? Will we see the interviewer? Will they be dressed up? Where will you film it?

Step 5: Film the interview, using a classroom computer, and with Mrs. Pippitt’s help.

Step 6: Show your interview video to your class as a teaser to get them excited about reading your book as well!