Driving Question: How can we turn our book club book into a children’s book for our little buddies?

Step 1: As you read your book club book, pay careful attention to the plot and theme of the story. Which parts are most important? What lessons does the author want the reader to take away? Note these in your book club journal. You may also want to add a summary of each week’s reading in your notes.

Step 2: As a team, use a plot organizer to discuss the plot of your story. Decide which elements you will need to include in your children’s book in order for it to make sense. Decide how you’ll include the book’s main theme(s).

Step 3: Start a rough draft of the text for your children’s book. Decide on what images you will include throughout the story. Start sketching drafts of images for your story.

Step 4: Revise and edit your children’s book.

Step 5: Create the final copy of your book, including the images.

Step 6: Visit your little buddy and read your story to them. Ask them about the theme of the book by saying, “what do you think the lesson in this story is?”