Driving Question: How can we create a discussion guide for our book that other students can use to read the book more thoughtfully?

Step 1: As you read your book club book, pay careful attention to moments when you would like to stop and think more deeply about a character’s actions, what’s going on below the surface of the story, or how to interpret the author’s meaning. Note these questions in your book club journal.

Step 2: As a team, discuss these questions and start a list of the best and most meaningful questions about the story. Think about which questions would best help others to think deeply about the meaning of the story.

Step 3: Continue adding to your list and decide how you want to format your discussion guide. Create a rough draft.

Challenge: Add a fun, final activity that will help students take what they learn from the story and create something new. For example, have students write a comic strip from a different perspective than the main character of the story, like we did with Harry Potter.

Step 4: Revise, edit, and finalize your discussion guide. Make sure all of your questions are clear for other students.

Step 5: Print out your discussion guide and slip it inside the back cover of the copies of the book around the classroom.