Driving Question: How can we turn our book into a movie that the author would like?

Step 1: As you read your book club book, pay careful attention to the plot and theme of the story. Which parts are most important? What lessons does the author want the reader to take away? Note these in your book club journal. You may also want to add a summary of each week’s reading in your notes. Put sticky notes on pages of the book that should be part of the movie.

Step 2: As a team, use a plot organizer to discuss the plot of your story and how you’d like to turn it into a movie. Decide which elements you will need to include in your movie in order for it to make sense. Decide how you’ll include the book’s main theme(s). Start imagining how the movie will look and how specific scenes could be portrayed.

At this point you may also want to do some research on the book’s author and learn more about them. Some authors are very picky and would want a movie of one of their books to look a certain way. Take their personal views into consideration.

Step 3: Start planning out your movie adaptation. Decide on what products you want to present to the author. You could create a storyboard of the major events, drawings of what the characters would look like, suggestions on actors, a movie poster, and much much more.

Step 4: Start creating first drafts your products. Discuss each item as a team and

Step 5: Revise, edit, and finalize your products. Package them for your author with a note.