The Mystery on Treasure Island: Another Escape Room!

The Mystery on Treasure Island: Another Escape Room!

I am officially obsessed with escape rooms and so are my students!! They absolutely love these things and are always asking for them as rewards for class points. My math group recently earned an escape room and so I had to deliver. What they got was The Mystery on Treasure Island!

This resource is a [almost!] ready-to-go escape room for your very own classroom. All you need are three lockable containers and three programmable 3-digit locks like these to get started (see preview on Teachers Pay Teachers for the full supply list).

Here’s the premise: You and your friends were just enjoying a day on the beach when you discovered an interesting message in a bottle. Is it possible that this note could lead you to buried treasure? Follow the clues to find out where the treasure is hidden, but watch out! Your other classmates were at the beach too and they want that treasure just as bad as you! The first group to find the treasure’s hiding spot and open it using the correct code will win!

This escape room requires students to complete a series of tasks that are appropriate for students in the 3-5th grades. Students will need to know how to add, subtract, and multiply. A second version that is slightly more difficult includes division as well. Both the "easy" and "hard" versions are included in the resource. The other elements include deciphering a code, understanding a map, and finding clues both in text and around the room.

I would not recommend doing this activity with more than 32 students at a time. The prep for this activity is minimal, mostly copying and cutting clues, but I would allow about an hour to get your classroom ready. I have clearly outlined the prep instructions, as well as play instructions in the resource.

My students had a great time and gave me a few new suggestions, which I’ve included in my final product. You can find it on my Teachers Pay Teachers page here.

I can’t forget to mention another of my favorite escape rooms that I made a few months back, The Case of the Missing Librarian is one of my all time favorites! You can read more about it here, or find it on my Teachers Pay Teachers page.

This was such a fun time! I’m sure there’s another one in my future soon!

Good luck finding the hidden treasure!


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