Creating a Simple Dry Erase Calendar for your Classroom

Creating a Simple Dry Erase Calendar for your Classroom

When I first started teaching, I bought one of those fancy pocket chart calendars for my classroom. It looked cute, but I hated it. I hated moving all the little paper dates around. I hated having to write on the fill-in-the-blank cards for birthdays. You always had to wait for them to dry before you put them back in the pockets, otherwise the writing would get ruined. What. A. Pain.

When I took a hiatus from the classroom, I left my pocket chart in my last classroom, never to annoy me again! 

But now that I'm teaching again, I needed a new solution. I love dry erase calendars, but they can be so expensive. I needed something that was a good size AND could attach easily to a bulletin board or whiteboard. 

I finally decided to make my own calendar and pay to have it printed and laminated on poster paper at a printing shop. If your district can do poster printing and laminating, perhaps you can get yours made for free!

This is available in two sizes 18x24 inches or 24x36 inches.

You can do this a number of ways, depending on the resources available to you. You could send it to a printer. You could print it in "tile mode" and then tape it together before laminating it. You could shrink it down and print it on a single piece of paper. Do whatever you want. To me, it was worth a few bucks to have it be one nice clean surface. If you have access to a big laminator, I'd double laminate that sucker too. 

April Calendar.jpg

This calendar allows me to easily erase everything at the end of the month, and fill in all the new information for the following month. I can customize dates to say whatever I want: "Aisha's Birthday," "Happy Hanukkah," "Science Center Field Trip."

This freebie is easily available on my Teachers Pay Teachers store for your use. If you need a different size than what is provided, let me know in the comments below and I'll try to update the download for you. 



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